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Photography by Alistair Harding

Paerangi a 1000 acre hill-country farm, where sheep and cattle graze freely throughout the year on the hills and valleys of the north Waikato. Paerangi's spectacular topography is dominated by the Dunphail siltstone bluffs, which were created 30 million years ago when the seafloor rose up after a huge earthquake.

Malcolm and Pam Harding, are the second-generation owners and farmers of Paerangi, which had its beginnings when Malcolm’s father won a land ballot made available for serviceman returning from WW2. Here in 1946 Otho Harding and his young wife Alison, set about breaking in the rugged block of land consisting of six large paddocks accessed only by an isolated track.

Paerangi is now home to 1300 sheep, 75 breeding cows and 200 Friesian bulls where the Harding's continue their pioneer parents legacy of land conservation, having planted over 2000 Willow and Poplar trees to help stabilise the ground in many of the hills and valleys. The original farmhouse stands today where Otho and Alison fenced off a block of large native trees that has developed into a native bush reserve. Our photographer, Alistair Harding, is Malcolm and Pam's nephew who grew up exploring this special land.